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Pfänderbahn Museum

Pfänderbahn Museum
Pfänderbahn Bregenz
  • The Pfänderbahn AG exhibits objects and display boards on the history of the cable car in the listed valley station in Bregenz. Here, families can trace the history of the country’s first passenger cable car, which opened on 20 March 1927. Pictures and exhibits inform children and parents about the idea of a cable car to the Pfänder at the turn of the century up to the present day.

    The exhibition focuses on nature, business and technology on the Pfänder. Postcards, posters and panoramas allow a glimpse into the past of the railway and show the beauty of nature in Vorarlberg and the means used to advertise it in the past!

    Interesting facts about the supports, the cabins, the drive, the wire rope and also the routing are presented in the exhibition in a vivid and interesting way!

    The Pfänderbahn and the Pfänderbahn Museum are open all year round (with the exception of an inspection in November).

    Opening hours

    Open daily during the operating hours of the Pfänderbahn (except revision in November)


    Admission to the Pfänderbahn Museum in the Pfänderbahn valley station is free of charge.

    Presented by: Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Kultur, Author: Vorarlberg Kultur

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