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Juppenwerkstatt Riefensberg

Maschinen zur Juppenherstellung
traditionelle Juppen
  • The craft of producing and dying traditional Juppen folk costumes goes back centuries, and today only continues to be done in the Juppen Workshop (Juppenwerkstatt) in the town of Riefensberg. In a long and difficult process, the stiff, shining material, with its innumerable pleats, is produced by hand. It is used to make the oldest and most precious folk costumes in Europe – the Bregenz Forest Juppe. Work is done according to age-old traditions, on machines which date back over 100 years.


    The Juppenwerkstatt also serves as a location for courses dealing with folk costume manufacture, and as a place of information and a contact point for women planning to wear the traditional Juppen. It has its own folk costume museum, and it has become a popular destination for architects from around the world. Those interested in visiting the museum and getting a better picture of the intricate and time-consuming production of Bregenz Forest folk costumes can book a guided tour – with a seamstress, embroiderer, weaver and hat maker.


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    Presented by: Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Kultur
    Author: Barbara Neyer

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