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Gemeindemuseum Hittisau

Gemeindemuseum Hittisau
  • In the exhibition in the Ritter-von-Bergmann Hall the life and works of five exceptional personalities are outlined, all of whom were born around 1800 in Hittisau. They are: the lawyer, historian and director of the Ambraser Collection in Vienna, Dr. Joseph Ritter von Bergmann (1796–1872); the painter Johann Conrad Dorner (1809-1866), especially well-known in Russia and Rome; the painter Joseph Bergmann (1795-1850), active in the Bregenz Forest; the painter, surgeon and genealogist Johann Conrad Bergmann (1795-1873); and the prolific architect Heinrich Ladner (1777-1844), known especially for his work in Switzerland.


    All five of these successful Bregenz Forest natives are exceptions within the predominantly agricultural framework of the Bregenz Forest. They exemplify how, even within the context of Austrian provincial life in the 19th century,  special talents could be developed and profited from. The exhibition also offers in-depth historical perspectives on the history of the community of Hittisau and its inhabitants. Photos of everyday life, family trees, wedding and funerary pictures, family records and stories about domestic affairs and topics are here documented for posterity.


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    Presented by: Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Kultur
    Author: Vorarlberg Tourismus

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