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Castle ruin Hohen Bregenz, Gebhardsberg

Bregenz, Gebhardsberg 1
Bregenz, Gebhardsberg 2
Bregenz - Gebhardsberg
  • Around 1100, the Count of Bregenz built the castle on a rocky promontory of the Gebhardsberg high above the city. “Sunk in holy enthusiasm…” so begins a poem – inspired by the Hohen Bregenz castle. In 1143 the castle passed to the Counts of Pulllendorf, a short time later around 1170 to Count Palatine Hugo II of Tübingen (father of Hugo I Count of Montfort). The upper part of the castle was sold to the Habsburgs in 1451 and the lower part in 1523, and the castle became the seat of Austrian bailiffs. Rebuilt into a fortress at the beginning of the 17th century, the Swedes blew up large parts of the castle during the 30 Years War. The ring wall and parts of the palace were preserved. The attached church became a popular place of pilgrimage in honor of St. Gebhard. In the old sacristan’s house, which has meanwhile been converted into a restaurant, they are looking forward to your visit. Even today, the fantastic view over the Rhine valley and Lake Constance attracts numerous visitors.

    Presented by: Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Kultur
    Author: Barbara Neyer

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