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Mesmerhaus Bildstein, Außenansicht (c) Mesmerhaus-Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel.jpg
Holidays + Architecture

Mesmerhaus – Getaway with a view

At this luxurious location for body, spirit, and soul, host and building owner Evi Haller welcomes all those who seek a time out with a view.

Nostalgia, romance and modern design can exist in harmony. For proof, look no further than the thoroughly renovated Mesmerhaus, which is dramatically situated in Bildstein. The village of Bildstein is located on a sunny mountain range high above Vorarlberg’s Rhine valley between the cities of Bregenz and Dornbirn. Bildstein, with its baroque pilgrimage church, is one of the most beautiful vantage points in all of Vorarlberg. It boasts great views of Lake Constance, the Swiss Alps and the Bregenzerwald region.

Those with a keen interest in architecture should pause to experience Vorarlberg with all their senses.

From the outside, the historically protected building with its shingle facade and many windows appears practically unchanged. Inside, on the other hand, an entirely new age has begun. What the host and planners have accomplished goes far beyond the typical standards for an apartment. Light, colours, materials or proportions: Every facet is considered in detail.
The spacious 180-m² unit with two floors is the largest of the holiday apartments and offers amazing scenic views of Lake Constance from the adjoining balcony.

The somewhat cosier 50-m² apartment faces southwest and offers fantastic panoramic views of the mountains, the village of Bildstein from above, and all the way to Lake Constance.

Facing southeast, the smallest of the three apartments (30 m²) features a view of Dornbirn’s landmark mountain, the Karren, as well as the pilgrimage church Maria Bildstein.


Vorarlberger Tourismus-Innovationspreis 2015 (Vorarlberg Tourism Innovation award)
Submitted to the “Vorarlberger Bauherrenpreis 2015” (Building-Owner Award)

Architecture: Jürgen Haller, Mellau, and Christian Lenz, Schwarzach, Vorarlberg

Mesmerhaus Bildstein, Wohnraum (c) Mesmerhaus-Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel.jpg

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