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Gasthof Rössle Braz © Alex Kaiser / Gasthof Rössle
Holidays + Architecture

Gasthof Rössle

Braz’s Gasthof Rössle unites the traditional and the contemporary.

Inspired by the “Gastgeben auf Vorarlberger Art” initiative, brothers Valentin and Martin Bagehr – the third-generation landlords of the hotel– decided to renovate their 240-year-old establishment. They were visited by Karin Guldenschuh and Matthias Ammann (Managing Director of the Vorarlberger Holzbaukunst, Vorarlberg timber architecture association), a pair of mentors from the initiative whose constructive criticism helped pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the Rössle.

The Bagehr brothers then recruited Christian Albrecht and Timo Bereiter, a pair of Vorarlberg architects sharing their commitment to high quality, as well as a series of regional craftspeople who used locally-sourced materials to bring their outstanding designs to life. In this way, the renovation was a community project that reflected the Rössle’s proud roots. Not only does the hotel play a key role for people within the region, its next-level cuisine attracts visitors from far and wide.

Though it was important for us to preserve the atmosphere and historic structure of the hotel, our task was also one of rejuvenation. We needed to maintain the down-to-earth character that has long charmed local patrons while meeting the elevated standards of those visiting from further afield.

Christian Albrecht and Timo Bereiter, architects
Gasthof Rössle Braz © Alex Kaiser / Gasthof Rössle
Gasthof Rössle Braz © Alex Kaiser / Gasthof Rössle

During both phases of the renovation, each of which lasted a mere six weeks, the team only changed what they had to. Prioritising the use of quality materials, the architects crafted an impressive and charming setting that is built to last. Nothing is out of place or included simply for show.

The renovation of this building, parts of which are subject to historical preservation measures, has given it a wonderfully pleasant and welcoming air. The new fittings are clearly identifiable, generating a contrast between old and new. This renovation project has provided a contemporary spin on a storied establishment that serves up delightful food and drink, hearty hospitality and refreshing overnight stays. Most importantly, the Gasthof Rössle continues to fulfil an essential role in Braz, its history and the lives of its residents.

Architect: Albrecht.Bereiter Architekten, Dornbirn

Gasthof Rössle Braz © Alex Kaiser / Gasthof Rössle
Gasthof Rössle Braz © Alex Kaiser / Gasthof Rössle

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