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Fuchsegg Inneneinrichtung (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Holidays + Architecture

Fuchsegg Eco Lodge

This hotel in the Bregenzerwald region comprises six oversized mid-elevation-pasture huts

The Fuchsegg Eco Lodge is located in the Schetteregg meadow area, between a small forest and the scenic Winterstaude mountain, in the Bregenzerwald region. The wooden gables of the buildings greet arriving guests from afar. Soon, the Tenn recreational building and the Fuchsegg inn on the right-hand side of the road also come into view. A covered terrace and the entrance are located under the gable of the building. The entire complex, just under one hectare in size, is nestled in the unspoilt terrain with its soft grassy knolls, which are criss-crossed by winding paths. In the centre, there is a sauna house with an outdoor pool, which is surrounded at a good distance by two further two-storey residences. There is also a surfaced yoga area at the edge of the forest in addition to the Tenn recreational building and an inn (the two building’s with the largest volumes), which shield the complex from the street.

All six buildings extend from south to north, though their long roof ridges are not exactly parallel. The design provides the complex with a more relaxed look and feel. The arrangement of the buildings is the result of meticulous work: Ludescher + Lutz Architekten modelled the site in 3D and experimented with different volumes, rotating them minimally before finally positioning them as if a wide stream were flowing down the slope through the site.

Fuchsegg Gaststube (c) Lukas Hämmerle
Fuchsegg Innen (c) Lukas Hämmerle

"We were able to design an ensemble of buildings inspired by the region's traditional architecture, yet reinterpreted according to today's standards."

Ludescher + Lutz Architekten

The thirty rooms and suites are extremely diverse, and some can be combined to form large units with a shared living area and open kitchen. Almost all of the furnishings were made by craftsmen from the Bregenzerwald. Their intelligently finished natural materials are a delight to all the senses. The sauna house features a high-density, antibacterial silver quartzite floor, dark walls made of Kanisfluh stone and furniture with cork surfaces.

The Tenn recreational building features 200 square metres of space for games or events on the ground floor. Sports and games equipment are stored in the side rooms. Hotel guests, day visitors and locals meet in the inn. The centrepiece is a high table made of velvety-matt maplewood. It resembles a bar surface where people can sit facing each other. There is open space above and the ceiling is higher here than in the side aisles. In the background, a fireplace wall made of raku tiles masks the kitchen, while the reception is discreetly positioned to the left. It almost goes without saying that locally produced drinks are served at the bar and specialties made from regional ingredients are dished up at the tables.


BigSee Award 2023: Winner in the category “Tourism”

Architecture: Ludescher + Lutz, Bregenz

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