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Alpencamping Nenzing © Alpencamping Nenzing
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Alpencamping Nenzing

Camping 4.0 for the Alps

For over 45 years, the Morik family has run their “Alpencamping Nenzing” facility as a beacon of innovative tourism. The “Garfrenga” restaurant is the beating heart of the campsite, boasting a reception and a spacious terrace that leads directly to the pool, sauna, spa and bathing pond area. The terrace is even guarded by a group of soldiers from the Chinese Emperor’s Terracotta Army: having previously served as part of the scenery for the opera “Turandot” during the Bregenz Festival, they have been stationed here since 2016. All this borders a cone-shaped hill that rises around 22 metres above the bathing pond.

While drafting new ideas for their “Alpencamping” facility, the family hit upon the notion of building individual structures on the hill. These properties would cater to travellers arriving without a campervan and looking to enjoy added comfort. The Moriks commissioned Reinhold Hammerer, whom they had already known for around 25 years, to serve as architect. And it soon became clear that this location demanded a tailor-made solution.

No boxy structures, no saddle roofs – I had to design something new and authentic that would form a deep emotional connection. My vision was a parabola-shaped wooden tunnel boasting a uniform shell and an all-glass front for uninterrupted views of the mountains.

Reinhold Hammerer, architect
Alpencamping Nenzing © Alpencamping Nenzing
Alpencamping Nenzing © Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel / Alpencamping Nenzing

The parabola concept proved ideal, its gentle curves forming a unique harmony with the human body and the surrounding landscape. This tapered form featured a relatively small volume, sufficient height for a sleeping deck and outstanding static stability while also ensuring a wonderful feeling of security.

The design was challenging to implement: not only did the parabola-shaped tunnel have to be entirely prefabricated as a lightweight timber construction, its shape resembled that of an upturned boat hull. However, a perfect range of made-to-measure space-saving fittings were produced by local craftspeople. The chalets feature a bathroom in stylish black, a kitchenette, a double bed, a 1.4 metre high sleeping deck, and a dining area next to the panoramic window offering views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Each of the ten structures blends maximum comfort with a spirit of adventure.

Alpencamping Nenzing was awarded with the German Design Award 2021:  “Winner” in the category “Excellent Architecture – Eco Design”

Architecture: Hammerer Architekten, Ludesch (Vorarlberg) and Aarau (CH)

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