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Hohenems, Stadterlebnis, Städtetrip, Blick vom Schloßberg Richtung Oberland (c)
A city for all seasons

Hohenems brought to life

Looking for a fun-filled day in Hohenems? A small city that is big on charm, it’s ideal for taking a stroll and exploring at your own pace. Historic Hohenems is packed with terrific tales

Hohenems – small city, big character

Is it any wonder that this small city bursting with history has always maintained a thriving cultural scene? After all, Hohenems has at various times been home to the first bank, the first coffee shop and even the first printing shop in Vorarlberg.

Today, locals and visitors alike enjoy strolling through the Jewish Quarter – one of the few fully preserved ensembles with Jewish roots. We can also recommend a
shopping tour taking in the small independent shops that line Marktstraße, as well as a visit to Schlossplatz square to see the chocolatier Fenkart and the Renaissance palace that is still inhabited by the Count’s family.

Every Saturday, Hohenems hosts a charming weekly market selling fresh regional organic produce. Not only is this covered market an all-weather event, shoppers can also pop next door to Café Frida for an organic snack. Hohenems is great for a little indulgence!

Autumn is the ideal time for a city trip to Hohenems, where you can enjoy walks, shopping, hiking and a variety of nature excursions. You can even climb the towering Schlossberg mountain to reach the imposing Alt-Ems castle ruins. The sprawling biking, hiking and climbing areas with fantastic views of the Rheintal valley also invite you to explore the city’s surroundings. In particular, the extensive cycle paths and hiking trails in Emsreute and Schuttannen are perfect for a little exercise in and around Hohenems.

Join us as we explore the highlights and insider tips of the city!

Discover Hohenems with us as we take in the city’s oldest and newest attractions!

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