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Gerold Schneider ist Hotelier und Architekt aus Lech (c) Darco Todorovic
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Gerold Schneider

The hotelier and architect from Lech is the founder of the Allmeinde Commongrounds

We turned the old stable into a small institution dedicated to our cultural area which is now attracting creative minds from all over the world.

There is a fragrance of wood in this large, bright room with a high, open roof structure. Crystal-clear air pours through the sliding glass elements in the side walls, beyond which lie the extensive mountains of Lech am Arlberg. The conversion of the old barn into the “Allmeinde Commongrounds” started in 2001. “The ‘Allme(i)nde’ in the name refers to physical and intellectual common property, with Commongrounds being its English equivalent”, says Gerold Schneider, who read philosophy and architectural theory in Vienna and later took over the management of the Almhof Schneider luxury hotel in Lech, now in its fourth generation of the same family.

The old stable, located close to the hotel, is now a multi-purpose venue for daily use, for art and culture. In addition to a small library, the ground floor accommodates the office of his wife Katia, once a child star as Heidi in the famous television series, today an architect following her studies in Paris. The 140 square metres above it, formerly the hayloft, sometimes serve the Schneiders as living quarters with practical fittings. Otherwise, it is used for readings, exhibitions by artists such as James Turrell and for concerts for up to 60 guests. “And so creative minds and fans of culture from all over the world make their way to Lech”, says Schneider. It doesn’t always have to be Paris or Vienna!

Gerold Schneider talks about the Allmeinde

  • His pleasure tip
    Just behind the village, in the Lechquellen area, a fantastic countryside unfolds that is perfect for taking lovely hikes and drinking out of small streams.

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