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Messe Gustav, Design-Mode-Konsumkultur, gustav fair (c) Sarah Schmid / Dornbirner-Messe
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In this age of climate crisis and energy shortages, is buying and selling still ethical? And is a watered-down version of consumption now possible?

Perhaps it’s not only possible, but essential. After all, the notion that everyone can have everything without worrying about the future is an illusion. That’s why we should be much more conscious consumers, buying and enjoying sustainable products that will provide lasting satisfaction.

These fairs are showcases for innovative product concepts, sustainable projects and exhibitions. They feature regional and international innovations with a particular focus on forging a successful future. Chat to the exhibitors themselves about the origin of the goods, witness production first hand and sample the results for yourself – all before you buy…

One thing’s for certain: high-quality sustainable products are back in vogue.

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