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Diedamskopf Paragleiten Sommer © Alex Kaiser - Diedamskopf Alpin Tourismus GmbH
Defy gravity and glide over Alpine landscapes

Paragliding and tandem flights

Is it the thrill of taking off? The sensation of gliding silently above the landscape, or the incredible feeling of freedom? Or is it perhaps the release of tension after a successful landing?
Whatever the attraction, paragliding in Vorarlberg is ideal for seasoned paragliders and beginners alike, boasting fine conditions for taking off, landing and following one’s passion.

The Bregenzerwald flight school with paragliding centre and the ability to take off in all directions at any time of year make the Andelsbuch/Bezau flight area in the Bregenzerwald truly ideal! With two cable cars, reaching the take-off areas is easy and uncomplicated. In fact, this flight area is one of Europe’s best, prized for its excellent updrafts and fine thermal conditions.

Have a nice flight!

Tandem Flights
For those keen to experience the sensation of flying without prior training, a tandem flight with an experienced professional is just the thing. With a seasoned veteran doing the steering, the passenger is able to concentrate on the power of the wind and the fascination of flying. Tandem flights are offered with paragliders in the Andelsbuch/Bezau flight area, Diedamskopf, and in the mountains around the towns of Gaschurn, St. Gallenkirch and Schruns in Montafon.

Tandem skydiving with parachutists are also possible from the Hohenems airfield in Vorarlberg’s Rheintal valley.

Paragleiten am Diedamskopf
Paragleiter © Stefan Kothner.jpg
Paragleiten Diedamskopf (c) Dietmar Walser - Bergbahnen Diedamskopf

Paragliding at the Diedamskopf in the Bregenzerwald.

Winter Paragliding - seeing the snow-capped peaks through the eyes of a bird.

Paragliding with a view over the Lake Constance.

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