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Souvenirs from Vorarlberg, Naturkosmetik, Metzler Molke, Egg, Bregenzerwald ©
Nature & Wellbeeing

Natural Beauty Products

Essences from Bregenzerwald Nature

From early 2017, visitors to the Metzler family farm in Egg will be able not only to observe animals such as cows and goats, but also watch how natural beauty products are made. From the open visitors’ gallery in the new building, they can witness with all their senses how whey, medicinal plants and high-grade essences are turned into beauty products. The Metzler family uses whey as the base product for a skin care line and has developed a range of top-quality natural beauty products in cooperation with Susanne Kaufmann from Hotel Post Bezau.

Another visitor attraction is the closed-circuit system the Metzler family relies on: a thermal solar system encompassing a large-scale gravel heat sink placed under the new building’s baseplate supplies electricity. Everything – from the grass the animals eat to the silage-free milk and cheese to the whey used as the basis for the cosmetic products – is being processed, presented, and offered up for tasting and sale on site, with nothing being hidden behind closed doors.