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Articial Owl_Cubed Dream(c)Guenter Richard Wett_Lichtstadt Feldkirch2021

Lichtstadt Feldkirch

Light Art Festival in Vorarlberg.

“Lichtstadt Feldkirch” is a light art festival in Vorarlberg, which premiered in October 2018 and is held biennially. The next festival will take place from 4-7 October 2023. Every two years, this festival invites artists to creatively illuminate Feldkirch’s many forms and facets. The historic Old Town serves as more than just a spectacular backdrop for the festival evenings themselves. In particular, the locations are the starting point and source of inspiration for the content and design framework of the Light Art Festival.

Light art is made accessible to the general public on a barrier-free tour that can be experienced within a few minutes’ walk and with free admission.  The programming is oriented towards national as well as international developments in contemporary art. In each artistic œuvre, media or methodological diversity is pursued. Fascinating projects can originate between the poles of abstraction and representationalism in the respective form of expression. Amongst the selection, the entire spectrum of light art can and should find its way into the exhibition including objects, sculptures, installations, films, digital and analogue projections, custom-fit mappings, laser projections and digital art.

Spotlight 2020, NEON GOLDEN PORTAL © Miro Kuzmanovic / Lichtstadt Feldkirch
Lichtstadt Feldkirch, Philip Geist (c) Darko Todorovic / Lichtstadt Feldkirch 2018

As night falls, projects by international artists transform the city centre.

Light as a material and medium in equal measure has a long tradition in the visual arts. Accompanied by developments in light, energy and media technology, this medium is continually being explored in new and exciting ways. Under the term light art, artistic positions and projects manifest themselves in numerous formats, often across genres. Light objects, films, projections, mappings, and sculptures make space, time, and viewers active components of the work itself.

Within the framework of “Lichtstadt Feldkirch”, art, the urban space with its many stories and faces, as well as modern technologies are brought together to create a unique all-round experience, which is intended to evolve into a permanent fixture in the exciting cultural life of the region on a biennial basis.

Following its successful premiere, the "Lichtstadt Feldkirch" Light Art Festival will in future bring together art, urban space and modern technology every two years to create a sensual overall experience for visitors and residents of the city of Feldkirch.
The project is the main prize winner of the 2019 Tourism Innovation Award in Vorarlberg!

The 2019 Jury of the Vorarlberg Tourism Innovation Award 2019
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