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Wandern und Entspannen im Kleinwalsertal © Oliver Farys / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus
Feel Well

Kleinwalsertal: The Lebensfeuer® Region


Your heartbeat mirrors each and every change in your life’s pace, in your breathing, in your feelings. This is what the HRV®  (= heart rate variability) measurement makes visible, giving you a diagnostics of the state of both body and mind. In the Kleinwalsertal, ten specially trained HRV® professionals and three HRV® hotels advise you on what will help you really replenish your energy.

To record heart rate variability, a small device measures a person’s heart rate for 24 hours, which is then mapped in a multi-coloured graph. The measurement is a tell-tale indicator for core health questions. Am I active enough or too much? Am I eating correctly? Am I refreshed after sleeping? How much strain can or should I put on my body? Am I often stressed out in day-to-day life?

Based on the outcome, the HRV® professionals will recommend measures and activities to restore your personal rhythm during your very stay in the Kleinwalsertal. The eight specially designed “Walser Omgang” hiking trails have each been assigned to one of three different purposes – regeneration, activation or balancing.

The HRV® method was developed by Alfred Lohninger, scientific and medical director of Autonom Health®.