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E-Bike, Vom Bodensee ins Montafon (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus
From north to south

E-bike tour Vorarlberg: From Lake Constance to Silvretta

From here to the very top!

100 kilometres The approximate length of the track that begins in Bregenz by Lake Constance at approx. 400 m elevation and leads to Gaschurn at 980 m above sea level.

For many years, the experience of cycling in the mountains was something only the very fit could enjoy. With an e-bike things have finally changed. It is now possible to travel cross-country, to ascend to higher elevations with ease. A brisk tour from Lake Constance to the foot of the Piz Buin is just one example.
The nearly 100-km-long stretch begins in Bregenz by Lake Constance at approx. 400 metres elevation and leads up towards Gaschurn at approx. 980 metres. The first section along the Rhine river, which passes through Walgau, is even suitable for families. Journey past worthwhile attractions and build in enough time for sight seeing. Enjoy the urban flair of Bregenz and Feldkirch, for example, or take time for a break and a swim in the Old Rhine river section between Lustenau and Hohenems. Those who prefer a more comfortable tour, in spite of the aid of an e-bike, can make use of the train to complete various stretches of the journey.

Those with energy and ambition to spare can complete the entire journey by e-bike in approx. eight to ten hours. Many stretches are optimal for a normal bike. Regardless of your preference, it is better to plan in a bit more time to visit some of the scenic attractions and delicious restaurants along the way.

E-Bike Vorarlberg, Rast am Alten Rhein (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus
E-Bike Bregenz (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Above: The tour starts in Bregenz (the vorarlberg museum is pictured).
Pictured at left: The mountains are still far away - a small picnic stop along the Old Rhine river

Special tips along the way:

The Milchpilz in Bregenz, a mushroom-shaped milk stand, has been an unofficial symbol of the city since the 1950s. Nowhere else in Vorarlberg (and possibly in Austria) is there a better milkshake to be had. This is the last of its kind in Vorarlberg that fulfils its original purpose of selling dairy products.

Swimming excursions
For a quick dip in cool water, dive into the Old Rhine river between Lustenau and Hohenems.

A few years ago, scenes for the James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” were filmed in Feldkirch’s historic Old Town. In real life, Feldkirch is a somewhat Mediterranean city in the shadow of the medieval Schattenburg castle that towers above.

E-Bike Bregenz Bodensee (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus
E-Bike App (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus
E-Bike Feldkirch (c) Peter Mathis / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Bregenz’s lakeside infrastructure: Bregenz is the perfect start or end of any tour

The app can help you plan your route from place to place

Discover the city: urban excursions, like a trip to the market square in Feldkirch, are the perfect way to add variety to any trip