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Indoor climbing

Climbing Halls

Climbing and bouldering halls are very popular as training facilities or as an alternative during poor weather.

For climbers and all those who want to become climbers, climbing halls are preferred training locations. The largest climbing hall, called K1 in Dornbirn, boasts about 100 routes of all levels of difficulty. The routes are regularly rebuilt so that things never get boring. In addition to smaller indoor climbing walls and bouldering rooms, there are five modern bouldering halls: the “Klimmerei” in Bürs, “Steinblock” in Rankweil and Dornbirn,  “Block Monkey” in Feldkirch an “Greifabr” in Bregenz

Schnupperklettern Kletterhalle K1 (c) Wolfgang Vogl - Kletterhalle K1
Kletterhalle K1 (c) Wolfgang Vogl - Kletterhalle K1

Obstacles are meant to be overcome: Climbing halls are great for training or as an alternative in poor weather

In the climbing and bouldering halls, children and adults can benefit from introductory and basic climbing courses designed to teach safety and basic climbing techniques necessary for independent climbing both in the climbing hall and outdoors. But that’s not all, officially authorised climbing instructors or mountain guides also impart necessary basic knowledge about safety and equipment for sport climbing.

For those who have already climbed before, there are various technical training courses in which technical elements for climbing and bouldering are taught. Fall training courses are offered in the two climbing halls, where the fear of falling is addressed and the aim is to build confidence in oneself and in one’s safety partner through practice exercises. Moreover, climbers learn how best to safely react should someone fall while also deepening their knowledge about climbing equipment.

Bouldering Hall Steinblock Rankweil

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