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Panoramablick auf den Bodensee vom Pfänderrücken (c) Walter Vonbank

Top nature and culture tips

In Vorarlberg, a great variety of nature is at your fingertips in a relatively small space. The region boasts over 700 mountain peaks, 3,933 rivers and streams and around 97,000 hectares of forest. In addition, Vorarlberg is an art-loving state in which courageous, innovative projects are realised time and again.

The 5 Top Nature Tips
  • One-of-a-kind: The view over Lake Constance from the scenic Pfänder (Bregenz) or Karren (Dornbirn) mountains. Both mountains are easily accessible by cable car.
  • Romantic: The sunset at Lake Constance. There are so many readily accessible places to enjoy the spectacle
  • Invigorating: Swimming in Lake Constance or in one of the idyllically situated open-air pools (german only).
  • Refreshing: A hike through the Rappenlochschlucht gorge near Dornbirn one of the most impressive gorges in the Eastern Alps
  • Informative: A visit to the interactive inatura nature show in Dornbirn
Bilck vom Pfänder mit Panoramabahn (c) Dietmar Walser - Archiv Vorarlberg Tourismus
KarrenKante - Aussichtspunkt am Karren, Dornbirn © Dornbirner Seilbahn GmbH / DornbirnerSeilbahnGmbH
Naturbadesee Alvierbad in Brand © Dietmar Walser/Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus GmbH
Rappenlochschlucht, Dornbirn © Dornbirn Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH
Inatura und Stadtgarten Dornbirn (c) Darko Todorovic

View from the Pfänder with panorama cable car in Bregenz

Karren-Kante vantage point in Dornbirn

Alvierbad natural bathing lake in Brand

Rappenlochschlucht gorge in Dornbirn

Inatura and the city garden in Dornbirn

The 5 Top Nature Tips 
  • Impressive:A look behind the scenes of the Bregenz Festival and the world’s largest lakeside stage. Guided tours take place continuously
  • Enlightening:A visit to the Kunsthaus Bregenz museum
  • Exceptional:Insights about modern handicrafts are available at the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch, Bregenzerwald.
  • Casual:Music, from niche to pop, takes centre stage at the poolbar festival (german only) from early July to mid-August in Feldkirch
  • Always a pleasure: a stroll through the town of Bregenz with its pretty Oberstadt Dornbirn area with the big market place, Hohenems with the Jewish Museum, medieval Feldkirch and the Alpenstadt Bludenz.
Shop im Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch, Bregenzerwald © Peter Loewy/Werkraum Bregenzerwald
Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2015, Foto Matthias Weissengruber (c) Kunsthaus Bregenz
poolbar Festival Feldkirch Vorarlberg Konzert Atmosphaere(c)Matthias-Rhomberg-Poolbar-Festival-Vorarlberg
Einkaufen, shopping, Innenstadt, Bludenz (c) Joachim Stretz

The lakeside stage of the Bregenz Festival featuring the 2019 opera ‘Rigoletto’

Shop at the Werkraumhaus Andelsbuch Bregenzerwald

Kunsthaus Bregenz

poolbar festival in Feldkirch

Take a city stroll of Bludenz’ old town