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Langlaufen auf Vital-Loipen im Kleinwalsertal (c) Frank Drechsel / Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Cross-country skiing for your level of energy

Vitality-Trails in Kleinwalsertal

Strenuous, regenerating or balancing? In winter, test your personal fitness based on individual recommendations for cross-country skiing on the Vitality-Trails of the "Walser Omgang."

The “Walser Omgang” is a movement and health-promoting programme to improve quality of life, health and performance. The programme is oriented towards individual fitness and lifestyle.

Activating, regenerating or balancing?
An HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurement can provide a visualisation of the right stimulation to help promote your personal wellbeing.
This special health check is offered exclusively in the Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg. The subsequent analysis can provide recommendations for personalised exercise programmes. You can embark on a journey to better health along Vitality-Trails specifically created to promote fitness. With this comprehensive combination, health-conscience guests can find their own rhythm whilst specifically working to renew and replenish their energy reserves.
More information about the health check is available here

Three cross-country ski trails – from easy to difficult – with various starting points and variants to choose from. Find out how much sport is best for your personal recovery and wellbeing.

Tip: Every Thursday in winter the ski schools in Bödmen offer the class “Kleinwalsertal Classic: Cross-Country Skiing Made Easy” on the Steinbock cross-country ski trail.

Langlaufen auf Vital-Loipen im Kleinwalsertal (c) Frank Drechsel - Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen
Schwendeloipe (c) Sarina Berchtold - Kleinwalsertal Tourismus eGen

For the movement and health programme “Walser Omgang”, two different grades of cross-country-ski trails – activating or regenerating – have been selected.


  • Schwende trail
    Activating: Activates all cells and the parts of the body. Total length approx. 12 km. Easy to moderate cross-country ski trail with a difficult descent.

  • Steinbock trail
    Regenerating: Allows one to feel the closeness and security of the mountains. Total length: approx 15 km. Easy to moderate cross-country ski trail with two difficult ascents or descents.

  • Küren-Wäldele-Egg trail
    Activating: Continuous ups and downs with plenty of changes in direction for new perspectives. Total length: approx. 7.5 km. Medium to difficult cross-country ski trail with difficult ascent or descent.

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36 Berggipfel umrahmen das idyllische Tal, das auf dem Straßenweg nur von Deutschland aus erreichbar ist. Wanderer, Mountainbiker und Wintersportler schätzen die intakte, weitgehend unberührte Bergnatur. Und finden jede Menge Möglichkeiten, sich wunderbar zu erholen.

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