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Lichtstadt Feldkirch, Starsky (c) Darko Todorovic / Lichtstadt Feldkirch 2018

Creative Austria - Contemporary culture

Undiscovered and promising happenings from the contemporary cultural and creative scene

An exceptionally diverse contemporary cultural and creative scene has developed in cities in Vorarlberg and elsewhere in Austria. Yet far from larger urban centres, a vibrant cultural scene and a creative atmosphere also exists, which exhibits surprising and impressive variety.

Innovation and design know-how unite to form a building culture, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, and old handicraft principles meet new designs as traditional timber construction is further developed into modern architecture.

Under the project umbrella CREATIVE AUSTRIA, Austrian cultural cities, regions and other partners have joined forces to draw attention to today’s cultural and creative offerings. The result: a dense worldwide network of partners.

CREATIVE AUSTRIA INTERNATIONAL regularly reports e.g. on international projects by young Austrian creative personalities that take place worldwide in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forums.

Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik (c) Alpenregion Bludenz
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Herbert Albrecht 2010, Bregenz Hafen, Die Welle (c) cs / Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH

The contemporary cultural and creative scene in Vorarlberg has also developed in rural areas as well

Creative Austria

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