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Official Vorarlberg Corona dashboard, case numbers and progress graphs

Official Corona Dashboard Vorarlberg

The Official Corona Dashboard of the Vorarlberg Provincial Government: The online overview of the current Corona case numbers is updated three times a day (12:00, 16:00 and 24:00). The accounting period is therefore from 0-24 hrs, per calendar day. Among other things, the figures for persons currently ill with the corona virus, for healthy notifications and for deceased persons can be viewed. The number of tests in Vorarlberg can also be seen.

Quick view:

Tip: Click on the small arrows on the left and right to get more information as well as the current Corona traffic light in Vorarlberg.

On 15 September 2021, a so-called “step-by-step plan” with measures came into force. The measures envisaged here depend on the utilisation of intensive care beds in the hospitals in Austria. According to the Ministry of Health, the first of the total of three stages is currently in force  “due to the currently expected utilisation”.
The daily updated dashboard of AGES (Agency for Health in Austria) is the basis for the occurrence of the respective measures stage (in each case 7 days after reaching the utilisation limit):

The “Corona traffic light”

A traffic light system introduced by the Austrian federal government. It regulates by means of the colours green, light green, yellow, orange and red which prevention measures are to be observed at district level. The traffic light system is purely a control and prevention tool to protect health, recommending appropriate measures for certain regions or facilities. The recommendations help to minimise the risk of infection.