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Vorarlberg Panorama, Rheintal, Bodensee, Einreise (c) Thorbecke Luftbild / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Visiting Vorarlberg Safely

Entry & Return

A warm welcome! The improving Corona situation in Austria allows for entry relaxations as well as openings in many areas. The most important info on the new entry possibilities as well as on the return journey to our neighbouring countries can be found here.

Holidays are possible again. Entry from all neighboring countries and most other European countries (Annex A*) is much easier now: All you need is proof that you have either been vaccinated, tested, or recovered from Covid-19. Quarantine and registration (pre-travel-clearance) before crossing the border is no longer required when travelling from many countrys (Annex A*)

Holiday and tourist travel is possible again. The 4th amendment of the entry regulation brings further facilitations: Entry from states with a low incidence of infection (Annex A*) is now possible for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons without subsequent quarantine (“3-G-Regel”). Upon entry, it must be shown credibly that you have stayed exclusively in one of these states/territories within the last ten days.
As of 10 June, persons entering from countries with a low incidence (Annex A*) of infection no longer have to fill out an entry registration (pre-travel clearance)! In the case of entry from high-incidence areas (Annex B1*), the pre-travel clearance registration must be completed without any changes.

Status of the information: 10.06.2021


Details on entry requirements – you need ONE of these proofs:

  • Vaccination:
    Certificate in German or English (e.g. yellow vaccination certificate, vaccination card) about a vaccination with a vaccine approved in Europe (EMA)*. Valid for 3 months from the 22nd day after the first vaccination, 9 months after receiving the second vaccination.
  • Past Infection:
    Official confirmation (e.g. segregation notice) in German or English or a medical certificate of an expired proven infection, valid for 6 months. Also valid is a proof of antibodies, maximum 3 months old at the time of entry.
  • Negative Test:
    Molecular biological test (e.g. PCR test), valid for 72 hours from sample collection or an Antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 from an authorised body, valid for 48 hours from sample collection. If no test is available, a test must be carried out within 24 hours at your own expense!
    (Children from the age of 10 years onwards must be tested, below this the immunity status of parents or guardians counts).

Please remember that not only the Austrian regulations are decisive for your trip, but also the regulations in your country of origin when you return home. Please inform yourself at the responsible authorities about the regulations for leaving or returning home. For our neighboring countries you can find an overview here:

Digital Travel Plan of the European Union
On this page you will be directed to the current website of your home country and your destination country and informed about what you have to do when you return home. A European Union service page that can help you plan your trip to Vorarlberg and your journey home.