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Visiting Vorarlberg safely

Testing and guest registration

The safety formula "vaccinated, tested or recovered" applies for the arrival, the stay as well as the return journey.

The safety formula “vaccinated, tested or recovered” will apply everywhere, whether in restaurants, theatres, museums, football grounds or swimming pools. Free antigen self-tests are available for every day of your holiday, as well as corona testing possibilities in the Vorarlberg municipalities. Please inform yourself about the applicable local measures under Holiday & Leisure before starting your trip.


Vaccinated – Recovered – Tested: Information on validity


  • Vaccination is valid from the day of the 2nd vaccination as evidence of a low epidemiological risk and is valid for 12 months.
  • Vaccines where only one vaccination is scheduled are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination and are valid for 9 months from the day of vaccination.
  • For recovered people who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination proof is valid for 12 months from the date of vaccination.

Approved vaccines: BioNtech/Pfizer (2 doses), AstraZeneca (2 doses), Johnson & Johnson/Janssen (1 dose), Moderna (2 doses), Sinopharm (2 doses), Sinovac (2 doses).


  • Those who have recovered are exempt from testing for 6 months after the end of the infection. A certificate of segregation or a medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology, for example, is considered as proof.
  • Evidence of neutralizing antibodies is valid for 3 months from the time of testing.


  • Antigen self-tests with registration recorded in an official data processing system are valid for 24 hours from sample collection.
  • Point-of-sale tests are valid for single entry into sports facilities, restaurants, hotels and events.
  • Rapid antigen tests from an authorized site are valid 24 hours as entry tests for restaurants, hotels etc. (48 hours to entering the country).
  • PCR tests are valid 72 hours from sample collection.

Attention: According to the national pandemic response 3-step plan (measures depend on the capacity of intensive care beds in hospitals), the validity of antigen self-tests as well as rapid antigen tests from an authorized body may be restricted or cancelled.

The requirement to present valid proof does not apply to children up to the age of 12.


For your arrival: properly tested, properly insured

Entry into Austria from all neighbouring countries and most other European countries are much easier since May 19. Please check the applicable regulations again before your arrival! You will find the most important information under Entry/Return. For an interactive travel planner listing the applicable rules see:


Our recommendation: Make an appointment for a corona test shortly before your departure, unless you have been vaccinated or have recovered anyway. In this way, you can safely cross the border and will also have a current, negative test result which you need for check-in at your accommodation. PCR tests are offered in pharmacies, by medical doctors and in private test centers and laboratories.

If, contrary to expectations, the test result before arrival is positive, the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board’s free corona cancellation insurance will reimburse you for the cost of cancelling accommodation and meals. Every trip to Vorarlberg in summer 2021 is automatically insured.


You can register in the Corona portal of the State of Vorarlberg (German) even before you arrive: This will make it even easier for you to benefit from the free antigen self-tests which give you access to restaurants and inns, sports, cultural and recreational facilities.


For your safety: vaccinated, tested, recovered

The safety formula “vaccinated, tested or recovered” will apply everywhere, whether in restaurants, theatres, football grounds or swimming pools.

The vaccination certificate, a medical confirmation or the European “Digital Green Certificate”, are eligible as proof of vaccination. Full vaccination is valid for nine months.

Both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests are eligible as valid tests. For entries within Austria, you can also perform a rapid antigen test yourself and register the result on a dedicated website of the state of Vorarlberg.

If you have recovered from a coronavirus infection within the last six months, please bring a confirmation by your physician or the official isolation notice. Alternatively, an antibody detection test that is not older than 3 months is also valid.


On site: Corona testing as simple as brushing your teeth

The safety formula “vaccinated, tested or recovered” is your ticket to restaurants and inns, cultural and sport events and recreational facilities throughout your stay: Proof is needed when checking in at your accommodation, including holiday apartments or campsites.

Proof is also required every time you enter a restaurant, inn, swimming pool, theatre or other establishment during your stay. This also applies to the restaurant, breakfast room, gym, indoor swimming pool etc. at your hotel.


No need to worry: it will cost you less than five minutes a day and not a single euro! Your host will provide you with a free rapid antigen test for each day of your stay. The test is as easy as brushing your teeth. You then register the result in just a few steps on the Corona Test Portal of the state of Vorarlberg. Your host will be happy to assist you if necessary.


As an alternative to these antigen self-tests (“living room tests”), you can also use the testing facilities offered in several Vorarlberg’s towns and villages (German). Another possibility is offered by the Austrian pharmacies. Corona testing in pharmacies are subject to a fee for persons who aren’t  insured in Austria (valid Austrian e-card is necessary). PCR tests are offered by pharmacies and doctors.

And if something does happen? Should the result of your rapid antigen test be positive, please contact the health hotline 1450 and inform your host! The authorities will immediately arrange for a PCR test, the result of which will be available after a maximum of 48 hours. You will have to stay in your room until then, all while being taken care of by your host. The Republic of Austria will pay for EUR 75 per night for the duration of your quarantine. If the PCR test is also positive, the health authority decides on further steps on a case-by-case-basis.


The journey home: arriving home safely tested

At any rate, we recommend that you perform a self-test immediately before your departure. If you need a valid official test result for the return journey, your host will be happy to inform you about how it can be obtained.

The regulations in force in your home country apply to your journey back home. Under Entry/Return or the  interactive travel planner you can find up-to-date information.


Guest registration

All guests must register their contact details at restaurants and at cultural events with more than 100 participants. In most cases, a simple digital solution is available for this purpose. This allows for quick contact tracing if worse comes to worst.