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Visiting Vorarlberg safely

Corona infection: what now?

Useful information for tourists
State of information: December 2022

You have just found out via SMS that your coronavirus test is positive. You will probably be asking yourself a lot of questions: What is the first thing I’ve got to do now? What do I have to be ready for? We have compiled a condensed list of all the things which need to be done in the right sequence as well as who can provide you with organisational support.


1. Avoid contact with other people

If you are currently on the road, put on an FFP2 mask! People with a positive corona test but no symptoms are automatically subject to so-called “traffic restrictions”, but no longer have to go into quarantine. They also do not receive an official notice from a health authority. If you feel ill, ask your hosts or call the health hotline 1450.
“Traffic restrictions” means: You must always and at all times wear an FFP2 mask indoors. The FFP2 mask is also compulsory in public transport and in private with fellow travellers; the FFP2 mask must also be worn outdoors if no minimum distance is guaranteed. Visiting health care facilities is not permitted.

2. Inform your accommodation provider

Ask your accomodation provider how catering can be arranged in your room. Eating and drinking in the publicly accessible catering facilities is not possible.

3. When do the traffic restrictions end?

The traffic restrictions generally last 10 days and then end automatically. They can be terminated at the earliest after five days with a negative PCR test. Please note: If CT<30, the traffic restriction must be continued until the end of the 10 days.

4. What else do I need to do?
  • If you are traveling with a group, please inform your travel guide.
  • If you have taken out travel insurance with COVID cover, contact your insurance company.
  • If you booked your holiday in Vorarlberg as a package tour, contact your travel agent/tour operator.
  • If necessary: Reorganise your return trip, cancel and rebook your train or air ticket.