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Current information

Receive information about the Coronavirus Situation, the current traffic and weather situations in Vorarlberg

Current situation / measures in Vorarlberg/Austria

Please observe the 1-meter distance rule!
Current: The exit and traffic restrictions have ended since 1 May!

Current measures, status 4. June 2020

  • Furthermore, the general rule will apply that people with whom one does not live in the same household must be kept at a distance of one meter.
    The only exceptions to this rule will be in the following areas:
    – In the catering trade this distance of 1m can be undercut for 4 adults and their accompanying underage children sitting at the same table.
    – In public transport, if the number of passengers does not allow a distance of one metre.
  • These regulations are valid until the end of June and will be evaluated by then.


  • From 15 May, catering establishments may open their premises to guests from 6.00 to 23.00 at the latest.
    A maximum of 4 adults with their accompanying children may sit together at one table.
    Guests must be seated and there must be a minimum distance of one metre between guests who are not seated at the same table.
  • Serving drinks at the bar is not permitted.
  • From the first time the customer enters the premises until he arrives at the place of administration, he must wear a mechanical protection device covering the mouth and nose area in closed rooms.
  • Administering areas (standing or sitting areas intended for the enjoyment of food or drinks) must be set up in such a way that a distance of one metre can be guaranteed between groups of visitors.
  • Service personnel must wear mouth-and-nose protection or face shields; guests are not required to wear mouth-and-nose protection at the table.
  • Tables must generally be reserved in advance – group reservations for several tables are not permitted.
    No items that are shared by customers may be provided at the table.
  • Buffets are permitted if staff members serve the food, or self-service by the guest is possible with pre-portioned and covered food and drinks.
  • All further information and details can be found on (in german only)


  • Accommodation establishments may reopen for private overnight stays from 29 May.
  • Animal parks “Outdoor” may reopen from 15 May, provided that the minimum distance of one metre can be maintained.
  • Playgrounds are open again since 1 May (distance regulation)
  • Outdoor sports facilities may be used, provided that the sports in question are sports in which a distance of at least 2 metres can and will typically be maintained between the participants. The following sports facilities can therefore be used in the open air: Outdoor areas of fitness facilities, track golf, archery ranges, aviation sports facilities, golf courses, high ropes courses, go-kart tracks, kite surfing/water skiing facilities, climbing gardens, athletics facilities, bike parks, motocross tracks, rafting and canyoning, riding facilities, shooting ranges, sailing schools, stock sport facilities, tennis courts
  • Indoor areas of the sports facility (e.g. cloakrooms) may only be entered if this is necessary for the practice of sports in the open air.
  • Swimming pools and leisure facilities can also reopen from 29 May. The detailed conditions for this will be worked out in due time.
  • For other recreational facilities and sights, including indoor recreational facilities, the 29th of May applies. In addition, it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protector in indoor areas and to limit the restriction to at least 10 m² of visitor space per visitor.
  • The rental of sports equipment is permitted (boat rental, pedalo rental, boat hire)
  • Museums, archives, libraries and libraries may open again on 15 May. Mouth and nose protection is mandatory.
  • Please contact the individual institutions for information on the actual opening.
  • Guided tours in public areas may be offered by tour guides/tour guides/tour attendants in small groups of up to 10 people.
  • Update Events:
    From 29.5.2020: Indoor and Outdoor – Events up to 100 visitors
    From 1.7.2020: Indoor up to 250 / outdoor – events up to 500 visitors (cinemas also from 1.7.)
    From 1.8.2020: Indoor up to 500 – 100 (permission) / outdoor – events 750 – 1250 visitors (permission)
    Basic principles for events: Seats only, minimum distance 1 meter

    By 25 May there will be a detailed elaboration of the security measures in the Regulation (in german language):Current information on the planned, gradual openings in the art and culture sector: Federal Ministry

  • The Vorarlberg Lines Bodensee-Schifffahrt will be organising round trips in the Bregenz Bay from 16 May. Wearing a mouth and nose protector on board and keeping a minimum distance as for public transport is mandatory.
  • All further information and details can be found at (in german)
  • Further information can be found under the special information of the Ministry of Social Affairs (in german)

Measures already in place:

  • In public transport, the obligation of a mouth and nose protector
  • In shops and service providers (e.g. hairdressers) mouth and nose protection and keeping distance are mandatory
  • Worship services may be held again from 15 May under the existing conditions
  • Port facilities on Lake Constance are already open. The distance rule also applies here. The regulations concerning restrictions on border crossings between the countries bordering Lake Constance also apply on the lake. Border controls are to be expected.
  • Public transport in Vorarlberg :
    – From 11 May, buses and trains will be running in the normal timetable again.
    – All public transport (i.e. all train and bus connections) between Vorarlberg and Switzerland or Liechtenstein will remain suspended.
    – Flights from Altenrhein (CH) to Vienna are discontinued. Expected resumption of flight operations on 15 June 2020

Border controls

  • Current information: On 3 June 2020, Foreign Minister Schallenberg announced that the borders to Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary would be fully opened on 4 June 2020. This means that there will no longer be any quarantine or testing requirements when entering Austria. The restrictions with Italy will remain in place for the time being and an evaluation will take place next week. More information on border openings and travel restrictions can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior.
    Information and details of applicable exceptions can be obtained from the Vorarlberg provincial government – Mobility, Border Controls and Transport and from the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

    Please note, however, the exit and entry measures in your home country: e.g. Germany still maintains the worldwide travel warning until 15.06. German citizens can always enter Germany – however, they should inquire whether there are any health measures that may be required by the health authorities on entry (e.g. quarantine) – this is regulated differently in Germany according to the federal states, so guests should check with the federal state of their residence.

  • Flight connections
    The airports of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck operate with a limited range of services. Austrian Airlines will resume flight operations from 15 June. Please contact your airline as soon as possible to find out whether a planned flight will actually take place.
    The flight connection Altenrhein (CH) to Vienna will resume on 15 June, initially with a connection/day.
    Please contact your airline as soon as possible to find out whether a planned flight actually takes place.
  • Train connections
    Passenger train services between Austria and Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are currently still suspended. Train connections between Austria and Germany and Hungary are restricted. The local rail traffic as well as the ÖBB long-distance traffic within Austria has been back in normal operation since 18 May. Information on current timetables of the Austrian Federal Railways: Details here – (ÖBB)
  • Cancellation of trips
    Since cancellation terms depend on indicudual circumsatances, please refer directly to your contractual partner.

Further information
If you show symptoms or suspect that you are infected
please avoid crowds and public transport. Put yourself in quarantine and call the Health Hotline 1450, (from all over Austria at local rates) where you will receive further instructions!

Wie ein begrüntes Hausdach präsentiert sich der Grat am Fellhorn in diesem Abschnitt © Peter Freiberger / Vorarlberg Tourismus
Flexenpass Straße, Lech Zürs, Arlberg (c) Sepp Mallaun / Vorarlberg Tourismus

Please also be aware of our safety tips, hiking and slope regulations for summer and winter, as well as the campaign “Respect your limits!” Doing your part to protect our nature and people matters, regardless of whether you hike, mountain bike or observe nature. Thank you for your support!

Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH and the State of Vorarlberg
Snow report, weather, traffic information and road conditions report:

Current road-condition reports are available from the ÖAMTC and ARBÖ automobile clubs and via the local radio stations “ORF Radio Vorarlberg” and “Antenne Vorarlberg” (ultra-shortwave radio, frequencies posted along the highway).

Snow report and weather in Vorarlberg:

Safety in the mountains:

In both winter and summertimes, there are a few things one should know to have a safe (and therefore fun) time when moving about in the mountains and nature. The following are our tips, information and emergency numbers, as well as our rules and tips for you equipment.

Important emergency numbers:

European Emergency Number:                                      112
(Public Safety Answering Point)

Fire brigade122
Ambulance/Rescue service144
Health (for acute questions)1450
ÖAMTC emergency number (roadside assistance)120
Emergency number for the hearing impaired0800 133 133

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