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Dream Routes | Motorisierte Touren

Craftsmanship & Innovation (1-day)

Juppenwerkstatt Riefensberg - Traditional Costume-Making
Glanzstück Jewellery Atelier
Timber Atelier Markus Faisst
Bregenzerwald Cheese Cellar
Mohr Upholstery Showroom
Angelika Kauffmann Museum
Metzler Käse-Molke GmbH, Egg


Distance:38,7 km
Ascent:2785 m
Descent:2785 m
Duration:06:00 h
Deepest point:490 m
Highest point:828 m


  • In Vorarlberg’s building culture, the quality of craftsmanship is a hallmark of the quality of architecture. Whether in timber construction or the processing of exposed concrete, planning that is sensitive to the materials used and accurate processing, in an interplay with design and execution, make a significant contribution.

    This tour starts in Bregenz and heads for the Bregenzerwald and Hard.

    Craftsmanship is one of the pillars of Vorarlberg building culture. In a decade-long process of cooperation and mutual understanding, quality right down to the finest details and design that is focused on craftsmanship have become a key factor of success. The thoughtful selection of constructive and decorative materials has even become the basis for an architectural language and aesthetics in its own right. Clear lines and a radical reduction of form draw attention to the surfaces in particular. Their fine textures, but also their ability to age, are a hallmark of unprocessed materials. The timber-clad facades which turn silvery grey as they weather are the most striking example. Artisanal perfection also manifests itself in the way exposed concrete, steel and glass are processed, and in the many interior surfaces featuring minimalist details.

    One striking example is the Werkraum building completed in 2013. Designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, and built by handpicked craftspeople from the Bregenzerwald region, it is an international pièce de résistance for showcasing craftsmanship and artisanry.

    Author: Robert Fabach
    letzte Änderung: 07.07.2020

  • Difficulty:leicht



    Altitude: 828 m 490 m Best season:
  • Directions

    Starting in Bregenz, the tour heads for Sulzberg (civic centre Sulzberg), Riefensberg (Juppenwerkstatt Riefensberg – traditional costume-making atelier) and Hittisau (Glanzstück jewellery atelier, Hittisau village square, fire station and cultural centre with Women’s Museum Hittisau, Markus Faisst timber atelier). Continue via Lingenau (Bregenzerwald cheese cellar) and Egg (Metzler Käse-Molke) and Andelsbuch (Werkraum Bregenzerwald, Mohr’s upholstery showroom) to Schwarzenberg (Angelika Kauffmann Museum) and via Bödele to Hard (Michelehof).

    Further hints on route:
    One site of particular interest is the parish church St Lawrence in Sulzberg. Originally built in Empire style, it was redesigned in 1828 and 1829 by Alois Negrelli who worked in Vorarlberg at the time. Later he was to acquire fame as one of the planners of the Suez Canal. The church has meanwhile been renovated several times with careful attention to detail. From there, you can enjoy lovely views of the Bregenzerwald mountains, Switzerland and the neighbouring Allgäu in Germany.
    The village of Schwarzenberg is most picturesque. The village square of Schwarzenberg with its venerable Bregenzerwald houses is a listed heritage site. The parish church features further works by the Baroque paintress Angelika Kauffman (apostle paintings and altar piece). The artist had family ties in Schwarzenberg. Changing exhibitions in the Angelika Kauffmann Museum are dedicated to her life and oeuvre.

    You will find a number of hotels and restaurants of special architectural interest on your way and in the surroundings which are ideal if you want to stay for the night or break for a meal on your “architectours” across Vorarlberg.

    Start Riefensberg
    Geogr. 47.505252 N 9.96433 E
    Destination Bezau