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Treppe zum Lager
Kulturweg: Schpiicher


  • Stock economy belonged to the characteristic peasant life attitude and formed for the self-imposed Walser an essential condition of their existence. In the course of the 18th century, the stores disappeared as a result of the development of economy, trade and traffic. Avalanches destroyed by avalanches were not rebuilt. The store was usually placed some distance from the other buildings and created in the typical wooden knitting construction. He usually stood on wooden poles, which were covered with stone slabs (“Muusschtei”) to protect against nuisance rodents. It has been proven that this form of storage house has been taken over by Valais (Switzerland). Until 1949, such a genuine piece of Walser building culture in Hirschegg stood below the bus stop “Adler”, where he temporarily served as an arrest. In the fall of 1997, this memory was built near the original location on the initiative of the local committee.

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